EasyTow™ Rope - Double Braid Nylon

Double braid nylon rope is manufactured with a tightly woven jacket that is wrapped around a loosely braided core.  This rope is high strength, high stretch, torque free, excellent shock absorption, good resistance to abrasion, ultraviolet rays and common chemicals.  Due to its high elongation, nylon is most used in applications involving shock loading such as tow ropes.

 EasyTow™ Ropes are the best tool to use when towing stuck vehicles.  These types of ropes are also know as Kinetic Recovery Tow Ropes or Kinetic Energy Recovery Ropes.  These ropes utilize the kinetic energy of the tow vehicle to apply more extraction power to the stuck vehicle without inducing sharp jolts.  Towing equipment like chains or cable can transmit unnecessary damaging impact forces to both vehicles if used with any sort of a running start.

Double Braid Nylon material provides up to 30% elongation during use, which translates into lower impact but higher energy transfer to the stuck vehicle.  


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EasyTow™ Rope - 3 Strand Nylon

3-Strand nylon rope is an all-around workhorse and for a variety of different reasons.  More economical that Double Braid but at a lesser average strength per similar size.  Excellent shock absorption characterics which makes it ideal for anchor lines and tow ropes.